Thursday, 10 December 2015

Camp Bentzon/Kawau Island Writing

Walt: summarise a week long experience into a recount.

Hey have you guys been to Kawau Island before? On the 17th of November it was a sad day for me and my family, but also a very exciting day. It was the day I had to go camp bentzon which is very very far away. Our camp groups were called Bentzon, Mansion, Kawau and Katz, which were names that belonged to different parts of the camp.

When we got to Kawau Island the whole crew had to get one bag each inside the big camp site. Once all the bags were in, the teachers said put it along the benches. After we put all of our bags outside. We went and sit down where the volleyball net was but a bit far. ‘      
One of my favourite camp activities was kayaking. Our camp teacher Mr Somerville split us into little groups. First we had to do all of the “dry ground” activities, such as learning to paddle and learning to turn your kayaking boat.  When I hopped into my kayaking boat I saw that Mr Somerville was coming with us. We hopped in our boats and my group kayaked very fast, because we were to see stingrays and little fishes. Mr Somerville said I was very good during Kayaking. To me I had a lot of fun.

My second favorite camp activity was Concourse, which is Confidence Course. Confidence means you are soo confident to do obstacles even though you lost you still have confidence in yourself. Mr Jacobsen was leading the obstacles so he told us all of the instructions. The first obstacle we did was climbing logs. It was very hard for me because the logs was facing down, so I couldn’t do it. It was alright because I tried my best to do it.

My third favourite best camp activity is sailing. Our instructor’s name is Peter, who owns the campsite. He picked me to demonstrate to my group. So I went on the sailing boat and I was so nervous that I might flip over. After Demonstrating to my group I had to go on a solo which means riding it by yourself. We started hopping into our sailing boats. I started riding it and I went super fast. I couldn’t stop sailing fast. When we finished sailing our sailboats. I had so much fun riding on it.

I had soo much fun going on camp. It was soo much fun sleeping in cabins and playing with my friends. But most of all I miss my family very much. Wishing I can go there with my family.

Christmas Gif

I made this Gif all by myself. I used Png image to make the picture move. Merry Christmas to you all.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Mr Goodwin's flatmate's pizza

Walt: figure out which of our problem strategies to use for different problems.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Number Patterns

Walt: try different solutions to solve division problems

Here is my number patterns that I was working on.

Friday, 23 October 2015


Walt: Define adaptation

In biology, an adaptation, also called an adaptive trait, is a trait with a current functional role in the life history of an organism that is maintained and evolved by means of natural selection

Animals such as polar bears or camels adapt themselves so that they can survive in its environment. Adaptation is very important for animals, so that they can survive in the environment they are in.


Polar bears have thick outer fur. Polar bears have dig dens so that they can be warm.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

San Diego Zoo

Walt: think about my purpose and reader by planning my recount.

Polar Region animals, Antarctic animals, Desert Animals. All kinds of animals that can be found in the San Diego Zoo, my class is actually going on a virtual tour to the zoo to explore different kinds of animals. Is there lots of animals that are common to other animals from other habitats?

Plan of my paragraph topics

1. Introduction
Orientates and hooks
2. Body Paragraph 1
The teacher introduced the website.
3. Body Paragraph 2
We looked at different kinds of animals, so as other kinds of animals. Interesting animals. When I opened the site I saw videos of interesting animals.
4. Body Paragraph 3
When watching the videos their were amazing animals adapting.
5. Conclusion
What I think about the San Diego Zoo

From the past 2 days. My class and I have been working on our introductions and our plans. We had to think about our purpose and reader by planning our recounts.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Mr Goodwin's Car/NBA2k16

Walt: try different solutions to solve multiplication problems

I our maths class we have been trying different solutions to solve multiplication problems. We have been focusing on hard and easy multiplication problems. 

Friday, 16 October 2015

Researching Animals: Habitat

Walt: research animals and their adaptation

My chosen animal is a Camel. Camels store their fats in their humps. Some camels have two or one humps. Bactrian Camels have two bumps, if you turn the Camel around (but if you have a picture of it), you will see it looks like a letter b. That's why it's called a bactrian Camel. If it doesn't have two humps the same thing turn the picture around and it looks like a D.       

Fear Factor Challenge

Walt: think about my purpose and reader by planning my recount.

This morning was just a normal day, nobody wasn't excited for anything it was just called a nice and chillin relaxing day.Our teacher Mr Goodwin showed us this youtube video contestants from Fear Factor. Now it's time for the ultimate Room 6 Fear Factor. Our teacher had to pick contestants to do the Room 6 Fear Factor challenge.

This morning my class and I were watching a YouTube video from the show called Fear Factor. Have you watched Fear Factor before? The contestants was a man and a women and they were partners. It was so fun watching even though it was disgusting.

Plan of my paragraph topics

1. Introduction
Orientates and hooks
2. Body Paragraph 1
How Mr Goodwin say it made me think it was for real but it wasn't
3. Body Paragraph 2
The contestants being picked
4. Body Paragraph 3
Just another one of Mr Goodwin’s tricks
5. Conclusion
What I think about the fear factor challenge

Desert Habitat Study

Walt: summarise information into presentations.

This term Team 4 has been learning about Wild animal habitats, where they live and how they survive in there environment. My group and I were studding about Deserts.

Friday, 25 September 2015

My Favourite things this Term

My favourite things this term was having fun and hanging out with my friends. Not only that but getting to know my teachers well and better, learning different kinds subjects and also having Ms Tito on Wednesdays. Ms Tito is so much fun to have and also getting to know more Maori sequences. Thank you to our team 4 teachers for teaching us everything. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope Everybody had a good term and week.

A BIG BIG BIG!!!!!!! shout out to my famous, awesome, intelligent teachers who haved helped us learning getting work done for us. Not on that but have a Happy Holidays Team 4 teachers!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Walt: We are learning to use onomatopoeia to help create interest in our writing 

Wham!!!!!!! the car smashed into the pole.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Missing Number Sequence- Number patterns

Walt: identify and solve number patterns.

In week 9 we have been focusing on identifying and solving number patterns. We had to solve a task that had missing number sequence and also the rule for growing number pattern. My maths class and I checked and mark this work, so I got all of them right. YAYY!!!!!!!!

Happy Serious Worried

Loseli Movie from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Hi and this is my animation about feeling. Feelings like happy, worried and serious. I created this animation on hyper-studio. I have been working so hard on drawing and animating.This is my script that I have created. This term our topic is Trade and Enterprise. Team 4 has been focusing on our animations about happy, worried and serious. My animation is about me walking down the path and as I walk I saw a Iphone. After that emotions came to me. The emotions that appeared up beside was happy, worried and serious. happy was telling me to take it, worried was like ohh no what are we gonna do, serious was like you have to take it to the police. But then I thought to myself to look for the person. I walking through another path and a lady came walking to me. I said is this your iphone then she said yes.      

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Hooray It Was MARKET DAY!!!!!!!!!!

Walt: write a interesting and detailed recount

In the past few weeks we have been going to our Trade and Enterprise groups. Making orders and selling products. Our year 5 and 6 block had their market day on Friday. So many visitors came over to our space and bought  products what students had made. Visitors had come  from christchurch  to see and buy our products.

We had lots of groups that students attended to make their products. The reason why we are having market day it’s so that we can raise money in our bank accounts. This market day is about raising money for students in their bank accounts and selling their products. The groups students had attended are custom stationery, Kitchen, Home ware, Jewels and Accessories, Musical Instruments and also toys.

Teachers was setting up during morning tea. We had to move chairs, desks and tables. Chairs, desks and tables were moved everywhere. It was moved outside the porch, inside the classrooms and furniture  lying around.    

Lots of people and kids were buying and selling products. In each groups they have been making candles, soaps, drums, flutes, squishy balls, chocolate fudge, hot chips, slime and final last loom bands. Not that much people had byed products they just byed what the like and wanted. The products people sold was heaps of products they had sold.    

So my group is homeware and we sell our products by packaging them. We were splitted into little groups and our product was making candles. We pack our candles by putting it into a jar and selling them to customers. My group and I didn't wrap the candles so we just put them into a jar so that you can light the candle inside.

My experience about market day is when I sell products to customers talking to them and how customers like to buy our products. My feelings about market day is when I was so excited to sell my group's products  to customers and that they give money to us.

Recount Writing

Write for my reader
I've tried to think about my reader
My writing shows some awareness of reader because my writing is quite clear and I have tried to interest my reader.
My writing is easy to understand and I have tried to tell the reader what it was like to be there by giving details and my thoughts.
My writing really considers audience as reader because I have kept their interest and made them feel like they know exactly what it was like for me.
I tried to meet the purpose
My text goes some way towards meeting the purpose
The message is clear in some parts of the recount.
My text fully meets the purpose.
The message is clear all through the recount.
My introduction does not yet clearly orientate or hook in my reader.
My introduction gets some buy in from audience and they can understand what I am going to write about.
My introduction hooks in my reader and it is clear what I am writing about.
My introduction wows my reader!
Paragraph Topics
My paragraphs are confused and don't follow my plan.
I have tried to follow my plan.
Most my paragraphs are about 1 big idea and I have added some detail.
My paragraphs have some complex as well as simple sentences. Post paragraphs give details about 1 big idea.
I have followed the paragraph topic in my plan.
My paragraphs have complex and simple sentences. Paragraphs all give details about 1 big idea.
Task of description:
Our task was to write a interesting and detailed recount. I had confidence in me so that I can write this whole recount. Lots of visitors from Christchurch came over to by some products at our market day. I liked market day it was really fun  


Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Understanding Key Vocabulary

Walt: Learn and use new vocab

In our literacy class we have been split up into little groups and this is what we have created. We are learning about understanding key vocabulary. We had to find the definition of a word that relates to the story but writing it with our own sentences.   

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Structure Poems

Walt: write a poem using nouns, verbs and adjectives

muddy, sloppy
sprinting, angry, competing

On September the 8th my literacy and I were working on structure poems. We had to use nouns, verbs and also adjectives.  

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Adjective, Noun, Verb, Adverb

Walt: find meanings about adjectives, nouns, verbs and adverbs

Delightful    Adjectives

Dogs          Noun

Dry              Verb

Dangerously     Adverb

Lazy         Adjectives

Lambs         Noun

Litter          Verb

laughtfully      Adverb

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Adventurous Adverbs

WALT: We are learning about adverbs and how to use them effectively

I have learned about Adverbs changing or describing verbs. Many adverbs ends in -ly. There was a example that can help us with out adventurous adverbs.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Walt: use our inferencing skills to find meaning in the text

At sun down,
I see my , small and frail.
It likes to warm by the fire and play with balls of yarn.

she sits there all day knitting but she stops to get some fresh cookies out of the oven.

she sits down with her cookies fresh from the oven, knitting and eating it at the same time.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Trade Fair/Market coming Up

Walt: use language that paints a picture in the mind of our reader

This term’s topic it is called Trade and Enterprise. Trade and Enterprise is about trading products and selling products to people introducing what you are doing and presenting. In our classes team 4 has been splitted into 6 little groups and we earn money called PTs also we have our own Bank Accounts but different to adults.

The whole point of this was to gain more interest. The meaning of that is to get more customers than everyone else. At trade fair everyone was hustling people to come and buy their things. In my group it was me, Rima, Danielle, Hethet we made 21 orders. Trade fair is a fair when bunch of students (people) presenting and introducing their products to people, showing what work they have been doing and working on from the past few weeks. I had lots of fun presenting my groups product.

A part of Trade Fair was our groups there is Home Ware, Custom Stationery, Toys, Jewelry and Accessories, Music and finaly Kitchen. I’m in Miss Lavakula’s group. In our group we sell homeware products. Like soaps, candles, carved soaps, carved candles, making air fresheners and other cool products that we have made. We had to split into little groups so that we can figure out what product we are making. In our little group there is Danielle Rima Htett Htett and Christian. In my little group we are making orange and skull candles.

My experience at the trade fair was really fun and cool looking at other students products. But some of them were are little bit boring but it was still cool looking at them. I ordered maybe lots of products. I ordered some custom bookmarks, made instruments, and loom bands. What I love was the other products but I didn’t by them because it cost a lot of money.

It was a lot of fun hustling to people and getting them interested into our products. There is a market coming up on week 8 so we got our orders and counted them to see how many we got. It was a lot of orders, so we had to make their candles ready to sell at week 8.

For this task we had to write a recount about our past trade fair. We had to use language that paints a picture in the mind our reader. We also had to add specific vocab into our writing.     

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Really Good Combination

Walt: use language that paints a picture in the mind of our reader

If my friend will let me have a Cadbury Jaffas Chocolate. It should me the number chocolate I have ever had.

Cadbury Jaffas Chocolate is very delicate and yum to eat for dessert. It contains jaffas inside the chocolate and little wierd green shapes. The Cadbury Chocolate brand is $3.40 for small and $3.50 for the large ones.

When I first tasted the Jaffas Chocolate, it crunches in my mouth like no other chocolate. The chocolate jaffas looked like m&m's when I saw it inside the chocolate. Its chocolatey texture just melted into my mouth. Also the orange chips that was inside the chocolate. I tasted like chocolate orange flakes sprinkling into my mouth observing all its flavour in my mouth. Jafass chocolate just shines through the sun just wanting me to eat it everyday.

I would improve my product about nothing, because lots of people likes Jaffas Chocolate. I would recommend by putting M&Ms inside the chocolate and also some more orange chips inside the chocolate. Jaffas chocolate is a number one chocolate I have ever tasted.

I would recommend this Jaffas product a 5/10. The reason why I did 5 out of ten its because it is a bit sweet to me but now it is yumm.

My literacy class and I did a chocolate taste test. Our teacher Mr Goodwin went to the supermarket and bought some different kinds of chocolate. He took off the wraps around them so that we don't know what chocolate it was.

He gave us numbers on a piece of paper. The chocolate was splitted into little containers. When we eat the chocolate it changes your brain what your eating because we already knew what chocolate we were eating. That what happens, it changes the way our brains look like.


Advice Teller for James Abel

Walt: think critically about what we read ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


In this task I have learned that when I am writing advice to someone I must think critically and write critically. I have been thinking critically to what advice I am giving to people like a man called James Abel. He has been told that it was the place to give advice to.

James told me that a buddy of his had suggested that he should by a fitness watch for him. He didn't know exactly what they are for and what they do. He went to check out at this store and this nice lady appears at the shop and recommended either the Fitbit Charge or the Garmin Vivo Fit. Please leave a comment below if you like it.   

Applying for a Job

Walt: write an application for a job
For my job I will be applying to do dish-washing. If I finish this job very quickly I can do maybe 4 to 5 dishes a day. I would be very careful with the plates and cups, and to not make noises with them.

I wanted to be a dishwasher monitor because I have been washing dishes at home. This job application is the best job for me because I love to wash dishes during the weekend. The reason why I wanted this job application so so so badly because I want more Pts so that I can have more money on my bank account. This is the job that I would like to have because I have the best skills. I'm am going to apply to this job.

Thank you to people and for your time who are reading my application about a dishwasher person

Letter Of Reference

To Whom
I was just telling you that Loseli is really good at doing dish-washing, she has did many times at home. My daughter Loseli is a trustworthy person to trust. I believe that Loseli has the right personality for working with people. Loseli can take care of others and honestly she is a good person to hire this job.

Hello and this is my job application writing. I wanted to apply for a job so that I can get more money. I am very good at washing the dishes and putting them away fast. We learnt to write from a different mind of a viewer. Also we had to write our capabilities of the job we had applied to.


Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Properties of 3D Shapes

WALT: We are learning about the properties of 3D dimensional shapes

From the past few weeks we have been learning and working about Properties of 3D Dimensional Shapes. We have been working on the parts of the shapes. The parts are the faces, Vertices (Vortex) and the Edges. There are 3D shapes called tetrahedron, Pyramid and a Cuboid. I hope you enjoy my presentation.

Auxiliary Verbs

WALT: We are learning about Auxiliary verbs and using them in sentences

This is my Auxiliary verbs. The Auxiliary are am, will, was, have. These are also called helping words.
Our task was to choose a verb (action verb) and we had to find an appropriate picture for our presentation.  

Monday, 10 August 2015

Ski Trip Fundraise

Walt: understand and use new vocabulary

We are learning to understand and use new vocabulary. My group and I were doing a poster about skiing and fundraising. Our task was to create a poster about skiing and also talking about our service. My service was gardening and planting flowers. My service involved planting gardens as quick as I can but neatly.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Learning About Decimals

Walt: Use strategies we already know to solve decimal points

I solved the question out by using the shapes tool to make to apartments. Then what I did, I add the tens and ones. So 5+2=7. 2+1=3, then add the 3 and 7. That makes 3.7. For this problem solving we had to use strategies that we already know to solve this equation. 

Wednesday, 5 August 2015


Walt: We are learning about conjuctions and how to use them in sentences

  • We went home and went straight to bed.
  • They are rich but they aren’t happy.

  • We went home because we were tired.

  • We went home early, so we missed the end of the concert.

  • We went home when Jane wanted to.

We went home before the concert ended.

  • We went home after Max Jones had sung his first song.

  • We went home although / though we did not really want to.

We will go home if we are tired.

Gene can go to school because he loves to learn

Lena has a sore foot after jumping on the trampoline

Katareina won't be going to the movies unless she has a adult with her

Sione can ride his bike but he has to have permission from his mum

Sally climbed a tree although she didn't want to

Kyle walked home from school since he was little

Simon was full from dinner even though he ate a little bit

Anna watched her sister incase she might be missing

Scott was in charge when his mum and dad went out

Shelley played ripper rugby only if she is allowed to

We are learning about conjuctions and how to use then in sentences. It came up with lots of sentences. So we had to highlight the conjuction words betwwen the sentences.