Sunday, 30 August 2015

Trade Fair/Market coming Up

Walt: use language that paints a picture in the mind of our reader

This term’s topic it is called Trade and Enterprise. Trade and Enterprise is about trading products and selling products to people introducing what you are doing and presenting. In our classes team 4 has been splitted into 6 little groups and we earn money called PTs also we have our own Bank Accounts but different to adults.

The whole point of this was to gain more interest. The meaning of that is to get more customers than everyone else. At trade fair everyone was hustling people to come and buy their things. In my group it was me, Rima, Danielle, Hethet we made 21 orders. Trade fair is a fair when bunch of students (people) presenting and introducing their products to people, showing what work they have been doing and working on from the past few weeks. I had lots of fun presenting my groups product.

A part of Trade Fair was our groups there is Home Ware, Custom Stationery, Toys, Jewelry and Accessories, Music and finaly Kitchen. I’m in Miss Lavakula’s group. In our group we sell homeware products. Like soaps, candles, carved soaps, carved candles, making air fresheners and other cool products that we have made. We had to split into little groups so that we can figure out what product we are making. In our little group there is Danielle Rima Htett Htett and Christian. In my little group we are making orange and skull candles.

My experience at the trade fair was really fun and cool looking at other students products. But some of them were are little bit boring but it was still cool looking at them. I ordered maybe lots of products. I ordered some custom bookmarks, made instruments, and loom bands. What I love was the other products but I didn’t by them because it cost a lot of money.

It was a lot of fun hustling to people and getting them interested into our products. There is a market coming up on week 8 so we got our orders and counted them to see how many we got. It was a lot of orders, so we had to make their candles ready to sell at week 8.

For this task we had to write a recount about our past trade fair. We had to use language that paints a picture in the mind our reader. We also had to add specific vocab into our writing.     

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