Friday, 13 February 2015

The Duffy Show

WALT: Follow the structure of a recount to produce a piece of writing.
Have you ever heard of the Duffy show before or been to the duffy show? On Monday years six to eight went to the Duffy Theatre in the hall. Straight after the the bell rang  we quickly rushed into class and put our hats in our tote trays. Our class was the first one to go inside the hall.
While people was coming in we played simon says. I only won in the first found but I lost all the other round. When Duffy came out he brang his guitar so we can sing the duffy song. We sang along until it was finish. The actors were going to change so thats when the show started.  

Finally the show started, there was a girl name Sienna who did not know how to read.   
Siena kept on watching and watching. After that she was walking along the path and saw dinosaurs on top of a table. Siena thought it was a dinosaur shop. But Duffy came and said ‘’are you going to the Library Siena’’ Siena said ‘no’. They went to the library and then Duffy came out of the library holding his library card. Next Siena came out the she saw Duffy so she pretended that it was raining outside.

After that Siena finally learned how to read by Duffy because he can read as much books as he want. My favourite part of the story was when Duffy came in and sang a song with us. I felled so happy because it was so funny.

Our task was to write a recount and use as many details as possible.


  1. Hi Loseli!

    I'm Mackenna and My class are working around different recounts, my group is doing yours. Great recount! I just want to ask a question. Do you know why you had the Duffy show? I also have seen it myself Thanks

    Mackenna, Room 3 Auroa School

  2. Hi Loseli

    My name is Jorja and I loved reading your story I hope to see more amazing pieces of work. There is on question I would like to ask you ond the question is what is the Duffy show as we don't have it at our school

    Jorja room 3 auroa school New Zealand

  3. Hi Loseli

    My name is Bethany. No I have not seen or heard of the Duffy Show before. I'm interested in the Duffy Show now because you have talked about it. They is one thing I would like to know? What is the Duffy Show?
    Bethany,Room 3 Auroa School New Zealand

  4. Hi Loseli

    my name is kyah my group has been working on your story about the Duffy show .It is a interesting story but there is one question i would like to ask you and no i have not seen or been to the Duffy show so i would like to know what is a the Duffy show?

    Auroa School Room 3

  5. Hi Loseli

    My name is Siobhan I was very interested about your story. But I have one question what is a Duffy Show?

    Siobhan,Room 3 Auroa School New Zealand