Saturday, 29 August 2015

Applying for a Job

Walt: write an application for a job
For my job I will be applying to do dish-washing. If I finish this job very quickly I can do maybe 4 to 5 dishes a day. I would be very careful with the plates and cups, and to not make noises with them.

I wanted to be a dishwasher monitor because I have been washing dishes at home. This job application is the best job for me because I love to wash dishes during the weekend. The reason why I wanted this job application so so so badly because I want more Pts so that I can have more money on my bank account. This is the job that I would like to have because I have the best skills. I'm am going to apply to this job.

Thank you to people and for your time who are reading my application about a dishwasher person

Letter Of Reference

To Whom
I was just telling you that Loseli is really good at doing dish-washing, she has did many times at home. My daughter Loseli is a trustworthy person to trust. I believe that Loseli has the right personality for working with people. Loseli can take care of others and honestly she is a good person to hire this job.

Hello and this is my job application writing. I wanted to apply for a job so that I can get more money. I am very good at washing the dishes and putting them away fast. We learnt to write from a different mind of a viewer. Also we had to write our capabilities of the job we had applied to.


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