Saturday, 29 August 2015

Really Good Combination

Walt: use language that paints a picture in the mind of our reader

If my friend will let me have a Cadbury Jaffas Chocolate. It should me the number chocolate I have ever had.

Cadbury Jaffas Chocolate is very delicate and yum to eat for dessert. It contains jaffas inside the chocolate and little wierd green shapes. The Cadbury Chocolate brand is $3.40 for small and $3.50 for the large ones.

When I first tasted the Jaffas Chocolate, it crunches in my mouth like no other chocolate. The chocolate jaffas looked like m&m's when I saw it inside the chocolate. Its chocolatey texture just melted into my mouth. Also the orange chips that was inside the chocolate. I tasted like chocolate orange flakes sprinkling into my mouth observing all its flavour in my mouth. Jafass chocolate just shines through the sun just wanting me to eat it everyday.

I would improve my product about nothing, because lots of people likes Jaffas Chocolate. I would recommend by putting M&Ms inside the chocolate and also some more orange chips inside the chocolate. Jaffas chocolate is a number one chocolate I have ever tasted.

I would recommend this Jaffas product a 5/10. The reason why I did 5 out of ten its because it is a bit sweet to me but now it is yumm.

My literacy class and I did a chocolate taste test. Our teacher Mr Goodwin went to the supermarket and bought some different kinds of chocolate. He took off the wraps around them so that we don't know what chocolate it was.

He gave us numbers on a piece of paper. The chocolate was splitted into little containers. When we eat the chocolate it changes your brain what your eating because we already knew what chocolate we were eating. That what happens, it changes the way our brains look like.


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