Thursday, 15 March 2018

Made in Taiwan

For Social Studies we watched a documentary of Oscar and his friend Nathaniel travelling from island to island to find out where their ancestors originated/come from. They have found so many things related to Taiwan that some people think that they were originated from Asia.
Some of the interesting things that they came across on their trip was the Lapita pottery. It was buried in Vanuatu and the designs and patterns look similar to Oscar’s Samoan tattoo.
In the Made In Taiwan video it shows evidence that polynesians originated from Asia because of the similar language and food they had. The one thing that shocked me the most was the traditional Taiwanese dancing.

I think that their journey was successful because they got to explore and find out where the ancestors migrated from. They also find out the similarities between Maori, Samoa and Taiwan.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

My Logo - Graphics

This my logo for graphics.
As you can see this logo is a picture of a Bible with my initials in it and also Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible. 
I designed my logo using logomakr. Click here if you want to design your own Logo!!

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Word Problems wk 4/5

WALT -  Use 2 different strategies to solve word problems

This presentation is a mixture of word problems my group and I had to solve. There are different strategies like decimals, takeaways, multiplication and more. Hope these strategies will help you of you are not sure how to solve it.

Word Problems and Sudoku

WALT -  Use 2 different strategies to solve word problems

Today I have finished my maths presentation about word problems and the Walt for today is to use 2 different strategies to solve word problems. In this presentation there are Easy, Medium and Hard word problems. I managed to get through them and once we have finished answering the questions we had to complete a Sudoku puzzle.