Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Term 4 Immersion Assembly

Hello people, the is the start of a new term which is Term 4. The topic for this term is called Musical Madness!!!. Teachers from different teams have created their own skit or item during the school holidays to present to the students of Pt England for the last term of 2017. Each team did a very good job entertaining us with their awesome skits and singing. 

To start off this term we had an eye-opening performance by the remarkable senior management team and one astonishing teacher who are followed by Mr Burt, Mrs Nua, Mr Somerville, Mr Jacobson and Mr Wiseman (astonishing teacher). They were singing their new song Musical Madness Saves the Day. Each teacher had an instrument to play. Mr 
Burt was playing the guitar, Mrs Nua had her tambourine, Mr Somerville was rocking out his drums, Mr Jacobson playing with his trumpet and Mr Wiseman playing the bass. Together they made a wonderful band.

Team 1 teachers did a item when they were playing cards and listening to music. There focus for this term is listening to music and how it affects their emotions. Team 2 did an amazing performance of Miss Gaston singing "The Lion sleeps tonight". As she was singing other teachers came in with different instruments. Miss Peck was playing the castanet, Miss Tumahai was playing the xylophone and last was Miss Nalder playing the bongos. 

Teachers from Team 3 made a movie about songs in real life. They were also lip syncing to different types of songs as they were talking to each other. The teachers involved Mr Moran, Miss King, Miss Eadie and Miss Davis. They were singing different songs. Team 4 teachers made a little movie kind of like carpool karaoke but they were singing different songs in a car. Each of them had a turn driving while they were singing their hearts out!! The teachers are followed by Mr Somerville, Mr Goodwin, Miss Scanlan, Miss Parent, Miss West and Miss Buchanan. 

Last but not least was the wonderful Team 5 teachers who performed an excellent item. The group of teachers are Mr Wiseman, Mrs Ilaoa, Mrs Tele'a, Ms Tapuke and Whaea Kelly. They were acting as if they were a family and they also watched the movie Lion King for their family movie night. There was different music in the audio and whenever it changes their emotions change too. It was really funny and amazing.

My favourite was Team 4 and 3 and 5. They had wonderful movies and made me laugh the whole time. It is pretty sad for me because it is the last Immersion assembly before I go to college.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Statistics & Probability

WALT - a. Use everyday language to talk about chance classify events as certain, possible, impossible.  

This presentation is a introduction to our statistics and probability. For this week my maths group and I are beginning this week of with statistics and probability. Statistics and 
probability is something that will happen, certain, possible or impossible.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

History of Ta'ovala

This is a presentation I made about the history of the tongan ta'ovala and also the 3 types of ta'ovala.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Mount Rushmore

Today I have read a text on Read Theory about Mount Rushmore. This text is about faces of four presidents, George Washington (1st US president), Thomas Jefferson (3rd US president), Theodore Roosevelt (26th US president) and last Abraham Lincoln served as the 16th president of USA. The four presidents are carved in the Black Hills of South Dakota. 

A South Dakota historian named Doane Robinson had wanted to carve western heroes on the mountain. But instead of carving western heroes a designer named Gutzon Borglum decided to make it more nationally by carving the faces of the four presidents. It took fourteen years to carve it. Finally on the 1st of October 1941 it was ready to be opened for the public to see. 


Saturday, 30 September 2017

Spring Cleaning

Hey bloggers, today I was doing some spring cleaning with my siblings. You guys might not often do spring cleaning but in my family we do. Even though it is the holidays or weekends we still do cleaning to keep our house tidy. Hope all you students have a happy holiday with your families and friends and remember to clean your houses and gardens.

Image result for spring cleanImage result for spring clean       

Friday, 29 September 2017

Goodbye Mrs Judd

Image result for hayley judd

I will take this opportunity to say a very farewell to the awesome Mrs Judd who has been teaching in Room 4 for three terms and now she is going to leave Pt England School with her husband to Tauranga. Mrs Judd you have been an awesome teacher for team 5 and was always humble and helpful to the students you have taught. But on the bright side we are happy for you as you will have the best time in Tauranga with your husband. I will miss the crazy dance moves and your talented voice during class. Wishing you the very best for the future and also your husband's job. Ka kite ano Mrs Judd. We love you. 

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Area Perimeter

WALT -  Explain or show the steps we took to solve each measurement problem

Today I have published my maths presentation called Area and Perimeter. For this week Tapawha and I are learning to find the perimeter and area of 2D straight-sided shapes. I have completed it and worked out how to solve each equations. What I learned from this is that the perimeter is the distance all the way around the outside of a shape. The area is the number of square units inside a shape. Hope you enjoy.