Tuesday, 16 February 2016

6 Hats Current Event: Zika Virus Spreading

This my presentation about the Zika Virus Spreading that has been happening in cities in Brazil. Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Week 1 Maths

My letter to Ms Clark

Dear Miss Clark,

This letter is for you to know things about me. How I was raised and born in. This life story contains information about me as a young girl growing up.

I am glad and proud to be in your class for 2016. I now know lots of things about you. Where you were born, where you were raised and also how you came and teach at PES. As soon as January started to finish, I was pretty scared to meet the new year 8’s since they were year 7’s last year. I’ll love it if my parents came and say hi to you if you're free.   

My name is Loseli, but you can call me cherry which is my nickname. Also known as phaddy or other names I don’t really know that might exist. My family has been living in Auckland for 6 years. I’m in a family of 6 including me. Different from other children, don’t know where/when they were born. My nationality is Tongan.   

My life began when my mum gave birth to me in Greenlane Hospital. I was born in 2004 on July the 19th. I am the eldest child in my family. My mum had miscarriage a few years ago before I was born. In the process of my birth lots of people came to see my mum giving birth to me.

Lastly I came into this beautiful world and I couldn't believe my eyes. My grandma and my aunty were fighting over to see who had the better name for me. When they have finished fighting which name is which, so they named me that name. Around the age of 3 months old I lived in Mt Wellington for about 2 years then moved to GI. I live with my 6 year old brother and my 8 year old sister, my mum and dad and so as my grandpa (my mum’s dad). Living in Mt Wellington was pretty fun and enjoyable.

My grandpa had moved to my uncle’s house which is my mum’s brother, then he moved to our house so he can live with us forever. Going church for me changed my life. My family started worshipping god and we came church every Sunday and church service on Wednesday.  

As I was around 4 or 5 years old I went to Kindergarten. I knew I was a big girl now. Me as a 5 year old attending Pt England School in 2009 made me scared and afraid. So my mum stayed with me all day so that I can settle down and not cry. I am now 11 years of age turning 12 years old. 2015 was a really big year to me. Lots of my teachers were really kind to me. Having to stay at home doing no homework and no learning changed my behavior. To this day forward I must not focus on doing random stuff.

Throughout my spare time I like to eat a lot for obvious reasons, listen to music, play on my trampoline and help my mum do some work around the house.I personally have no phobia but sometimes in the night I am very scared when looking at the dark, I mostly sleep by myself but when it gets really cold or that I can’t take it any more so I sleep with my parents.

Wishing that I could travel to Australia or Tonga but I have to wait until the holidays. Sometimes I lie to people what my favourite food is. So it’s rather everything. I’m not really a fan of chocolate but in birthday parties I eat a lot of dairy chocolate. If you see me at my house I always sleep around midday and when it’s night I will stay up and not sleep so that will make me late to school.

Soo happy to be in your class. I’ve learnt lots of things from you and I am soo excited to learn more with you and to be your student. My parents had always wanted me to get an education when I grow up and go to college, therefore I have to get a prize giving certificate every year.

Yours Sincerely,           


Thursday, 4 February 2016

Reflection About 2015

What I've gained in 2015:

2015 has been the best year of my life. My favourite part of 2015 is getting to know my teachers well. I have gained a lot last year. Like being confident in front of my classroom and sharing my thoughts with my teacher. This year I've learnt that kindness and leadership can spread around like germs but in a diffrent way.

Looking forward for 2016

For 2016 I'm looking forward to accomplishing leadership and to be more confident than last year in front of many people. Another thing i'm looking forward to is having more confidence to talking to new people in my new classroom.