Thursday, 31 August 2017


Today my maths group and I have been given our ICAN Test results. Some of us have improved and some of us need to push our selves to be in the stage for maths. My results for the ICAN test have improved a bit but I still want ton push myself to be in the right level for maths. The area I have improved is the Place value. I may have gone back a level but I still want to push myself. My learning goals now for these areas are to practice and work on my fractions and number sequence.
My Results

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Blast from the Past

Walt: identify the author's purpose

Today's reading is about Blast from the Past it is a text about a famous engineer who created the  world's first liquid fuelled rocket. Once my reading group have finished answering the questions. We have to post it to our blogs with a walt in and a task description to explain our learning evidence.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Top 3 Speeches

It was Friday the 25th of August. For the last few weeks team 5 have been focusing on writing speeches so that they can stand up and say their speeches in front of team 5. Once we have finished our speeches we had to say in front of our classes and see who said it nicely and clearly. there were top 3 finalist from each class to say their speeches. Each of them had to practise and memorise it off by heart. It was that they when the finalist have to say their speeches in front of team 5. When I heard the students say their speeches I thought that was really nice. One of my friends said their speech and it was really good.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Smart Footprint: Future footprints

Smart Footprint: We are learning to create a positive digital footprint.  

Hi Everybody this is my smart footprint presentation for week 4.
For this inquiry. My class and I have to make a copy of this presentation. Today we are learning about future footprints. I had to create a blog profile that is all about me. Hope you enjoy and don't forget to put a smart positive footprint online.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Fractions Revision

WALT:  Learning about how we measure things everyday - from the non-standard methods through to standard.

This week my maths class and I have been focusing on fraction. It is because some students did not do quite well with their fractions when they were doing their gloss test. So our maths teacher created a presentation to help us remember how our knowledge on fractions.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Screencastify Fraction Problem

Walt: use screencastify as apart of our learning for maths this week. My maths group and I also used it for solving fraction problems

This week my maths group and I (Tapawha and Tapaono) were learning how to use screencastify. As part of our learning. Some students already knew how to use it but some were already recording their clips and it turned out great. Here is a short video of mine I have created by using Screencastify showing how I solved a fraction problem. Hope you Enjoy.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Night Lights/Phases of the moon

WALT -  Identify features of a non-fiction text

This term our school theme and topic for this term is guardian of the galaxy and we will be learning about space how the moon and other planets are moving around the solar system.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Word Problems 2017

WALT:  Learning about how we measure things everyday - from the non-standard methods through to standard.

This is my wk 1/2 maths presentation for this term. It is about word problems and using various strategies to solve word problems.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Term 3 Immersion Assembly

It was Monday 24th of July. It is the first week of term 3 for 2017. Today we had our annual school immersion assembly for a great start for term 3. In every start of a new term Pt England School starts of the day with our school immersion assembly. Each item is held by a group of teachers who have been working hard over the holidays to create a movie, skit, or an item. The topic for this term is called Guardians of the Galaxy.

Team 1 is the first team to start off. Group of teachers have made a song about 6 teachers going to space. They took off with their flying cars and went and flew to outer space where all the planets are.

Next is team 2's movie which is very similar to team 1's. Their movie was awesome and also the teachers was dancing and singing. The song was about space, stars, planets and other cool things in space. 

Team 3 is next and their movie was about the "Days of our Lives". Teachers from team 3 have created a movie about time which is what they are learning about for this term as part of our inquiry. It included dancing and singing.