Thursday, 10 December 2015

Camp Bentzon/Kawau Island Writing

Walt: summarise a week long experience into a recount.

Hey have you guys been to Kawau Island before? On the 17th of November it was a sad day for me and my family, but also a very exciting day. It was the day I had to go camp bentzon which is very very far away. Our camp groups were called Bentzon, Mansion, Kawau and Katz, which were names that belonged to different parts of the camp.

When we got to Kawau Island the whole crew had to get one bag each inside the big camp site. Once all the bags were in, the teachers said put it along the benches. After we put all of our bags outside. We went and sit down where the volleyball net was but a bit far. ‘      
One of my favourite camp activities was kayaking. Our camp teacher Mr Somerville split us into little groups. First we had to do all of the “dry ground” activities, such as learning to paddle and learning to turn your kayaking boat.  When I hopped into my kayaking boat I saw that Mr Somerville was coming with us. We hopped in our boats and my group kayaked very fast, because we were to see stingrays and little fishes. Mr Somerville said I was very good during Kayaking. To me I had a lot of fun.

My second favorite camp activity was Concourse, which is Confidence Course. Confidence means you are soo confident to do obstacles even though you lost you still have confidence in yourself. Mr Jacobsen was leading the obstacles so he told us all of the instructions. The first obstacle we did was climbing logs. It was very hard for me because the logs was facing down, so I couldn’t do it. It was alright because I tried my best to do it.

My third favourite best camp activity is sailing. Our instructor’s name is Peter, who owns the campsite. He picked me to demonstrate to my group. So I went on the sailing boat and I was so nervous that I might flip over. After Demonstrating to my group I had to go on a solo which means riding it by yourself. We started hopping into our sailing boats. I started riding it and I went super fast. I couldn’t stop sailing fast. When we finished sailing our sailboats. I had so much fun riding on it.

I had soo much fun going on camp. It was soo much fun sleeping in cabins and playing with my friends. But most of all I miss my family very much. Wishing I can go there with my family.

Christmas Gif

I made this Gif all by myself. I used Png image to make the picture move. Merry Christmas to you all.