Thursday, 22 October 2015

San Diego Zoo

Walt: think about my purpose and reader by planning my recount.

Polar Region animals, Antarctic animals, Desert Animals. All kinds of animals that can be found in the San Diego Zoo, my class is actually going on a virtual tour to the zoo to explore different kinds of animals. Is there lots of animals that are common to other animals from other habitats?

Plan of my paragraph topics

1. Introduction
Orientates and hooks
2. Body Paragraph 1
The teacher introduced the website.
3. Body Paragraph 2
We looked at different kinds of animals, so as other kinds of animals. Interesting animals. When I opened the site I saw videos of interesting animals.
4. Body Paragraph 3
When watching the videos their were amazing animals adapting.
5. Conclusion
What I think about the San Diego Zoo

From the past 2 days. My class and I have been working on our introductions and our plans. We had to think about our purpose and reader by planning our recounts.

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