Tuesday, 24 May 2016

So'o Tau'au

So'o Tau'au means shoulders together. So'o Tau'au means kindness. So'o Tau'au means LEADERSHIP. My family teaches me so many things. But I am proud that I'm So'o Tau'aiu with my family and whanau. If someone doesn't have a dad or mum, I can just So'o Tau'au with them and show them that I am family with that person. 

EVERYBODY So'o Tau'au. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Polynesian Navigation: History of the Waka/Polynesian Advice Column

WALT: Locate and summarise information
Analyse ideas to reflect on the meaning

On week three my reading group Dr Seuss's has been learning about Polynesian Navigation and the history of the waka. We had to fill up an advice column and tell people that if you stuck with anything they can just message us for some advice. We had to get some information from a website about navigating around the pacific.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Wool & Nail Art

Here in Team 5 we are learning about waka and navigation. Our school topic is called "as i see it". Me and my partner were making this wool art by hand. Using hammers and nails to mail on the wood. My partner and I created and star using a star stencil. As you can see the photos explain our steps. The first photo is when we had to place the stencil on the wool. Second is when finished our product and it was amazing. We can't wait to see more wool and art.

Monday, 16 May 2016

The Remarkable Reti

Walt: Distinguish the difference between a fact and opinion   

We are learning to distinguish the difference between a fact and a opinion. My group Dr Seuss's were reading a text called Remarkable Reti. It is a hand held device used in the Mohaka river in the North Island of New Zealand. We also made a poster on how we react from the text.   

Friday, 13 May 2016

Make kindness go viral

WALT: Use a variety of interesting vocabulary to keep our readers engaged

My class was writing about a new prefect named George. he has been picked to be a prefect because he listens and focus on his work. His family came and supported him with encouragement and respect. One day I wish that gift will be for me.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Discovery of New Zealand Myths

Walt: compare and contrast two similar stories

We are learning to compare and contrast to similar stories which is the text and the video clip. These are two about how New Zealand was found by a polynesian navigator and also about Maui the demi-god. My group and I read a NZ History website about the discovery of New Zealand. For extras we had write the legends and myths by comparing and contrasting both of the stories. 

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

"as i see it" Immersion Assembly Term 2

On the first day back for Term 2, we had Immersion assembly. Teachers were performing their own items for each teams. In the holidays the teachers were creating movies in one of the items. As I walk inside the school hall I can literally see Mr Jacobsen wearing a enormous paint pallet with a full size brush but just the top of it because his body was the body of a paint brush. 

The first item for Term 2 was team 1. Team 1's item was all about their " favourite things things." The song was from a sound track sung by Maria from the movie of Sound of Music. Julie Andrews was singing this song when she was young. Miss Wild's favourite thing is her pet Chihuahua Joey, Mrs George's favourite thing and to eat is Whittaker's chocolate, the Hokey Pokey, Mrs Lal's favourite thing is soccer and last but not least is Miss Peck's Pandora bracelet and her teddy bear.

Team 2's item was all about the seasons. The season's are Autumn, Winter, Summer and Spring. In their block each class has their own season. Teachers from team 2 are Miss Szymanik, Miss Eadie, Miss Nalder and Miss Tumahai. Those 4 teachers created a short 2 and a half movie. They've talked about what their inquiry is about and so on they did. I like seasons but sometimes I don't really like winter because it makes people sick and ill especially me.

Now onto Team 3's item was about grand designs and also architecture. Grand designs is a TV show on TV3 when people build their own decorated homes and team 3 are now starting to plan and build some awesome type 3D grand designs. The teachers from team 3 are Mr Blakey, Mrs Belt, Mrs Stickland, Miss King, Miss Davis and Mr Moran. Team 3 has created a movie regarding to grand designs, 2 teachers building a house but it was actually a tent inside Pt England School. Once the building was built people who lived inside the house explained what the house looked like inside. So inside the tent is all parts of the houses together. Like the toilet, lounge and other rooms.

WOW what a lovely movie I've watched. Team 4 has surprised me with the best "as i see it" movie. The movie was called The Vengers. Therefore the movie starts with an evil teddy named Bear Baxendine was trying steal a netbook inside the classroom. Two super heroes were trying to get Bear Baxendine but they were weak to get them. So The Vengers came and defeated the evil Bear bazendine and putted him inside prison. Bear Baxendine is never to be seen again!!!

And now the finalist Team 5!!!! Our item was all about the waka and our school colours. Hokule'a, Hinemoana, Hikianalia and Te Aurere. My colour is Hokule'a and each teacher is dressed to each colour. They were having a race to which team colour won. And the team colour who won was........., HOKULE'A. CHEEEHOOO. Yay my school colour won!!!!. I wanted to support my maths teacher Mrs Telea. Mrs Telea was Hinemoana and I thought she was going to win but she is still the winner if she was. "GO Mrs Telea" I shouted. She was nicely dressed and the blue was a nice sea colour. She represents the beautiful guardian of the sea. GO!!! Hinemoana.


Y7 3 day event reflection Term 1: Fun Week

Last term the Y8's went on camp and the Y7's stayed and had a fun time with our beautiful teachers Ms Muliamasealii and Miss Clark. We planned to make flower lei's for the last day when the Y8's come back to school and the teachers who went with them. I missed the Y8's soo much that I was sad the whole day but still had a fun week. For our hard work, on the last day our cookers which were students and Miss Clark were making pasta mince and cheese pie. We had to tidy up and clean for our teachers who came back from the camp to make them not clean so that they can have a rest. The pasta pie was so yummy that me and my other friend had 4 plates because it was so delicious. With our lunch we had soda and pears also napkins. The Y7's watched a movie called Boys2Men. Ms Muliamasealii was a director and the character of the movie which was about a boy named Malaga who ran away from home and lived in the streets. He met a boy named Johno who also lived in the streets to. As that movie goes on it was pretty creative because Ms M was workin in a school called James Cook High School. Boys2Men filmed in 2005. I hope we had a day like this when the Y8's go.