Wednesday, 5 July 2017


WALT - Identify features of Persuasive Writing

Greetings to you all
Why is education important to our lives?
Today in my speech I will be sharing to you about Education and how it is good for students in school. As us students in Pt England we are really lucky to be using our own individual netbooks to help us with our learning and education.

Imagine if there was no education in the world. None of us children will learn how to read, how to write and also the most important thing in education is opening opportunities for children to have in the future. Over 70 million children in the world don’t have a school to go to because their are some poor countries that don’t have schools that are built.

Why is education important for children around the world? So that they can have a better job in the future and to have a better life so that they can help out with their parents when they need help. I have read one article about how many children have suffered without having education and most parents are really desperate to get their child into school.

Education should also be free too because not that much families can’t pay that enough money to get their children into school. Education is not all about having a good life in the future, it is about having good knowledge and good lessons in life. If I were a prime minister I would think about the poor families who can’t afford money and give them the chance to have free education for children in Auckland.

This will be the end of my speech and I hope you have picked up a few things of “why education is important” and “why education should be free”. So you think about those families who don’t have that much money. So it’s your turn to help kids have education without any hesitation.

This is my speech about education and how it is important for kids.

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