Thursday, 5 January 2017

Summer Learning Journey A1/A2

Day 8 – Sunshine and Swimming Togs
Good morning! It is Day #8 of your journey and, according to the local weather station, today is going to be cloudy and wet. Back home in New Zealand it is sunny and 28 degrees Celsius today.  It is a perfect summer day! Think about what you like to do in the summer time and complete one or more of these activities.
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Activity 1

What are your favourite things to do in the summer time? For this activity you have two different options: (1) You can take a picture of yourself doing one of your favourite summer time activities and upload it to your blog along with a description of what you’re doing or (2) you can write a paragraph that tells us about what you love doing in the summer on your blog. It is completely up to you!
In the summer time I love to go swimming at the pools or at the beach. I would also like to travel to other places such as Rarotonga or Australia. Because they have clean nice water and really fresh food. I like to play outside and relax. Sometimes I help with the chores or read my all-time favourite books. I also like to go for picnics with my family and have some quality time with them.
Activity 2
Ask someone in your family or one of your friends what their favourite five things are to do in the summer time. On your blog, write the title ‘Summer Activities’ and, below the title, tell us about the five things that they love to do.
This is my little brother's fav things to do in the summer.
1. go on the laptop and play games
2. play with my dad
3. do science
4. play outside
5. enjoy the family
These are the fav things my brother likes to do in the summer. 

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  1. Hi Loseli!

    Can you tell me what kind of science you do? Why do I get the feeling that it has something to do with coke and mentos...