Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Summer Learning Journey Day 5

Day 5 – Boarding the Plane
It’s the big day! You’re about to hop on an airplane and travel to a new country. Curious Kiwi will keep you company on the journey. Unfortunately, Curious Kiwi forgot his book and he is worried that he’ll get bored on the long flight without anything to read. He asks you for some help…
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Activity 1

Think about all of the books that you have read this year and recommend one for Curious Kiwi to read. On your blog list the title and author of the book and then provide a short description of it. What is the book about?
Day 5: My Book of Choice
Title: The Stinky Cheese Vacation
Author: Geronimo Stilton (doesn't exist author, just saying)

(This author is part of all of his amazing stories)
In this story Geronimo was looking through his mails and he found a strange black border mail, with tears all over on it. Geronimo discovered that is was his uncle. Uncle Stingysnout. He is the most stingest, most cheapest rodent in Mouse Island (Geronimo’s Home land). Wonder what will happen when Geronimo reads his letter.  


  1. Good morning Loseli!

    It is wonderful to see that you are already on Day #5. Wow! Way to go!

    I think that you have chosen a great book for Curious Kiwi to read on route to Germany. As a bird, he is quite likely to enjoy reading stories about other animals and Geronimo sounds like a very interesting mouse! His uncle, Uncle Stingysnout, doesn't sound like the nicest man on Mouse Island, though. I wonder why he is the stingiest, cheapest rodent around. Do you know why he is so stingy?

    I would love to know more about this story! If you have time, could you please tell us a little bit more about Uncle Stingysnout and about the letter with the black border that Geronimo receives in the mail. I'm so curious! I can't wait to know more!

    Thanks so much, Loseli. Keep up this awesome work. You will definitely improve your literacy skills by blogging with us this summer and you'll be all ready to hit the ground running when you get back to Pt England next year. Your teachers will be so impressed!!

    All the best,

    Rachel :)

  2. Fantastic Loseli!

    It has been really cool catching up on all your work! I hope I get to read more again very soon. You're doing really well.

    I agree with Rachel too, your literacy skills will definitely improve and you will hit the ground running next year. Your teachers will be impressed.

    I hope you're having a nice day,


  3. Hallo Mark and Rachel

    Thank you so much for these wonderful comments you have been posting in my blog. I am really sorry that I haven't been blogging this week because I had to do chores for the up coming year. I really hope you guys will have a fantastic year in 2017.

    Happy New Years

  4. Hey Loseli
    I used to read the Geronimo Stilton books and I really enjoyed them. Keep up the superb work!