Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Summer Learning Journey Day 4 A1/A2

Activity 1
To find out more about the weather in your chosen country log onto the Accu Weather website []. Type the name of the capital city of your country into the search bar. It will tell you what the weather is going to be like in your country of choice. On your blog, provide a five day forecast for the weather in the capital city of your chosen country.

Weather Forecast:
Tuesday-Today is: 35°HI
Tonight is28°HI
Sun and clouds. Mainly clear early,then patchy low clouds and fog
Wednesday-Today is going to be: 38°HI
Tonight is going to be: 31°HI 
Patchy low clouds and fog early; otherwise mostly sunny
Thursday-Today is: 40°HI 
Tonight is: 35°HI
Cloudy and a shower in the evening;otherwise no clouds
Friday-Today is: 41°HI
Tonight is: 36°HI
Intervals of clouds and sun also overcasting
Saturday-Today is: 46°LO
Tonight is: 40°LO
Cloudy with a pass of shower. Plenty of clouds with a couple of showers.

Activity 2
Before you start packing your suitcase you will want to create a list of everything that you will need to bring with you. Most airlines let you bring one big suitcase with you so you’ll have to think carefully about what you want to bring…
On your blog site, post a list of everything that you need to pack for your trip. Put a star (*) beside the 5 items that you think are the most important.
Bonus Activity

When I visit Germany these are my eight things that I will take throughout my trip and also the 5 important things that I will take:
* clothes (pants, t-shirts.....)
*Germany euro
*Sleeping wear
and more


  1. Kia ora Loseli!

    That is a well thought out list of things to bring on your trip. But wait... how are you going to brush your teeth if you bring a book instead of toiletries?! Maybe you'll use the euro buy it. Yeah, okay, this is a good list. Great work.

    Kia kaha - keep going strong


  2. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for commenting. Yeah maybe our will use euro to buy my toothbrush.

    Thanks, Loseli

  3. Hey Loseli
    Nice list. I forgot to add things like money (How would I buy food??). At least you remembered. Keep up the great work!