Thursday, 14 April 2016

Recount of Aspiration speakers

Walt: punctuate our sentences so that they are clear and concise

Kenese: Kenese was born in Samoa and raised by his beautiful single mother without a father. He had a twin name Fa’aliga meaning in the bible, Revolotion. His life was a bit of a struggle. He had hard things happening in his life. Kenese’s mother fed him, washed him and also took care of him everytime. Firstly he shared his life struggle and childhood with us at the sametime it was a bit sad. Kenese now works with his tutor Andrew Paddison and in a company called “I have a dream foundation.      
Arizona: She is 20 years of age and working in a radiostation called Flava, living in Auckland with her family. Arizona is Maori, Samoan, Tongan and Fijian. I liked the words she said because it inspires me to keep on going and not to give up. Her full name is Arizona Ariki Nofo’alii.   
Key points from Kenese: The key points of Kenese’s speach is when you see someone who is doing the wrong thing you don’t have to be them. Just be yourself.
Key points from Arizona: The key points of Arizona’s speach was to work hard, share happiness, dream big!!!!!
What can I learn and try and practice from what Kenese shared? The things that I have picked up from Kenese is how he said his life was everywhere. His uncles will always come to his house and drink alcohol, seeing violence and always fighting with their wives. The most important   “If you see it dosent mean you have to be it”.
What can I learn and try and practice from what Arizona shared? Things that I have picked up from Arizona’s story was the 3 words she said. Work Hard, Share Happiness and Dream BIG. Those wrods help me to work hard and not to be lazy all the time like what I do. Because when I come school, I always focus on my work and work hard.
Why are these talks important for us? These talks are important for us because it helps us wake our selves up and to be motivating all the time. The special words Andrew Paddison said were the three key words. The first was Motivation, second Aspiration equals Inspiration. Andrew Paddison’s words made me excited to do more work because it helps me keep up with what I’m doing.  

Just thanking the wonderful man, Andrew Paddison for bringing 2 beautiful speakers to our school. I hope you guys have a wonderful journey in the future and also the work you guys have done for people.

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