Thursday, 7 April 2016

FiaFia 2016

We are learning to: write some reflections about Fiafia 2016 and to use vocabulary in our paragraphs

Have you guys have ever had Fiafia in your school? If you don’t know what fiafia is, it is cultural groups and other groups performing in stage in front of the crowd. We have Fiafia every second year but it is pretty sad because I won’t be here the next year. My school started Fiafia 16 years ago. That is a lot.

Fiafia is all about the children performing on stage with happiness. My first Fiafia was in 2013, my group from that time was the tongan girls, I was so happy to dance because I knew my parents will be proud of me. It was pretty hard but as I kept on going, I had it in hand and just dance to the rhythm. But now I’ve decided to experience other groups like the Samoan group. So that now I’m not in the Tongan girls, I’m in the Samoan girls and boys.

I’ve experience a lot in the Samoan group because the song I am dancing is really calm and just the right type for me (a little bit). Our tutor for the Samoan group is Timmi. She teached us the moves for the song and the tips to smile and  to do the moves properly. I really like the Samoan group because I get to experience the meaning of the song.

We get to show off our dance moves so the crowd knows that we are really good at it. As I am a proud Tongan, I will never let down my culture just because I hate the Tongan group. I like to go and take part to another group because I want to show my Tongan family that I can do the Siva Samoa. As I looked at the beautiful Tongan girls performing, I was so surprised to see them represent their culture and showing off their cool moves.

I am really gonna miss dancing for Fiafia because I won’t be here in the second year since I am going college. Malo LAVA    

This piece of writing I wrote is about this years fiafia. This fiafia has been going on 16 years ago. I hope I make lots of effort this year and to make my family proud. Hope you enjoy.

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