Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Out of the Glooming Forest

Walt: make up a narrative using interesting vocabulary

Once upon a gloomy forest. There once was a girl and a boy, their names are Jack and Riley. Tramping around the gloomy, murky forest without anybody with them. Walking in the slimy mud path finding their way to a good camping place. “Are we there yet” carefully whispers Riley, “I think so Rawl” (Riley’s shortname) replied Jack. As they went through the sludgy muddy path, they once saw a big hole, but a big space where they can camp and put up their tent.

“I think this is the spot we are gonna camp in” says Jack.” Okay let’s do this” excitedly replies Riley. They put up their tents and made a fire so that they can keep warm in the night. Once they have finished their tents, Riley made delicious melting lasagna for them to eat while Jack goes and make the beds for them to sleep in also the lights. “Are you finish with the tents Jack” says Riley, “yep, i’m done” replies Jack. They’ve eaten the food. they’ve made their beds, They’ve finished getting warmed up by the fire and cooking marshmallows. The only thing they needed to do is to put the light off and say goodnight to each other. “Goodnight Jack” “Goodnight Riley. Jack and Riley both went to sleep and they couldn't wait till the morning

It’s 6 am in the morning and they are awaken from that scary night they have slept in. Jack and Riley packs up to find another place where they can live forever in there whole lives, wishing they can have childrens. “We are finally finished packing” says Riley, “what about the lights” replies Jack, “Just leave it there” says Riley. So they took off and looked for another place to live in. They both walked, walked, walked and walked again till Jack saw the end of the terrifying glooming forest. Riley looked at the end where Jack was looking. So they ran as fast as they can because they knew they would start a new life together ands so on.” This is so beautiful” says Jack. Riley looked and she found a house that was sold but wasn't used so they went in and started packing all of the stuff they have brought in.

Years past as they lived in their beautiful home. Jack and Riley lived happily and happily ever after, therefore they called it their own home and their own place. “What are day” they tiredly say.


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