Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Winter Season Report

Walt: write a news style report

Winter Season is Coming Your Way!!!!!

“Winter is here, its a mix of rain, hail, thunderstorms and more. Kids give each other ideas about how to get to school on rainy days”

Wet kids demand themselves that school should be on when its rainy days.  

This means for Pt England students is that the winter season is coming back. When Winter comes to Pt England they get sick, get the flu and very cold.

Students are feeling that they have to go to school in rainy days. Patricia a student from Pt England says that “ it's important to come school so you can learn but if you see it's raining outside, you should come to school with warm clothes a raincoat and a umbrella. 

We were asked to write a news style report. Just like the walt up top.  



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