Monday, 25 May 2015

The 2011 Christchurch Earthquake

Walt: find proof of the author's message.

Brandon is a 11 years old boy and he plays games with his friend Kelly. Brendan and Kelly were nearly up to level seven but Brendan mum said she had to go home. The game Kelly and Brandon were playing is called Revenge of the Aliens.

What's your thoughts about the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake? My thoughts about the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake is how depressing they are feeling and how hurt they must be. Not because of them but the kids too.

What will an earthquake mean for your city? If there was an earthquake in my city lots of my family members will die. And also some people might be stuck inside a rubble.

Is there anything that you could do, to help the people in Christchurch who have suffered from the earthquake? Yes, I think I might have a way to help the people at Christchurch. Well I could make a sausage sizzle sale and it will only cost about 3 dollars under.

This week in reading we were learning to find proof of the author's message. Our task was to do some interviewing to the person who's interviewing back.  

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