Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Three Little Pigs Report

Walt: write a news style report

Three Little Pigs Attacked!!!!

Breaking News, two little pigs has been attacked by a wolf. Lucky the wolf is no longer here anymore. Just be carefull if the wolf is out there.

There were three pigs who were recently attacked by a vicious wolf. There mother told them to go have a taste of the world. This is sad news because two little pigs died when they attacked. But the third pig survived the attack.

The third pig wasn't dead, because he survived the attack. When the wolf suddenly came into the third pig’s house, the wolf had an idea by climbing up to the chimney. The third pig had an idea by putting a  big pot of water on top of the fire. When the wolf came down the chimney, the wolf slipped and went inside the boiling hot pot.

May I ask you some questions Mamma Pig?
Yes you may
Would you like it if you kick your pigs out?

Not really Why?
Well I wish I can go back in time but they have grown up now

Did you know that your two sons had died?
No. At first I didn’t know that, so I went to my older son’s house and when he told me I was devastated. I cried like fire.

Were you upset that you three little pigs left you?
Yes. I was so scared that the big bad wolf will come a pig napped them.

Why did you tell them to live a new life?
It’s because they have grown up so fast, that I told them to have a taste of the outside.

Thank you for our interview Mamma Pig
Its my pleasure

This week I was writing about news style reports. This news report is about the thee little pigs.


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