Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Year 5/6 Camp

WALT: make connections across a wide range of texts.

I have visited Sela's blog post because it had more detail and makes me read more. I have camp tomorrow so I am looking forward to go to the camp. Did you know that our school is the only school that was doing camp in the ground.

I am soo excited to go to camp because I have fun with my friends. We ate yum dinners and breakfast.

For this task we had to google search and find previous students that went to camp.


  1. To Loseli,
    I really enjoyed readying your wiriting about camp it seems like you really enjoyed camp mostly the food. The best part of your wiriting is when you said I really liked the food it was really yum because I have been to camp before. Keep up the great work Loseli and keep on posting great wiriting on your blog.

  2. Hi Loseli,
    I really enjoyed reading your post about the year 5&6 camp. I looks like you are excited about camp. I hope you are enjoying camp and keep up the good work! :)