Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Year 5/6 Camp Recount

WALT: organise my ideas into paragraphs and link them together

Have you had camp at your school before? The year 5 and 6 gets an opportunity to camp outside of there school field. We camped outside the brezzie and shivering weather. But at Thursday and Friday it was hot and melting. The first thing we did was our concert dance and our chart.

When camp was starting we had to line up and sit down into our camp groups. Then our principle Mr Burt came and was having a interview with us about our behavior and saying that we are at camp not school.  
                                                                          Marked by Kura
The groups were The Commitments, Matapono e, Honest Squad, All Stars, Real Dealz and Trew Crew. My favourite highlight of the year was kayaking. It was so fun and it was my first time kayaking by myself. The teacher who took us for the kayaking was Mrs Garden. She told us the instructions for kayaking and how to sit on it too. Mrs Garden said that we can have lots of turns but we had to wait first.

My second highlight of the year was roller blading, table tennis, playing basketball and listening to songs. I tried rollerblading but I can’t balance properly so I took it off and went and have a rest. I went and played table tennis with my friend Inez.

Camp is fun and exciting. Its also fun when you play activities too. I learned how to play the game killer zone because that was one of our activities. It was hard to do but I had lots of fun.

This task asked me to write a recount in paragraphs and to link them together. Our teacher told us to write a 1 simple sentence 1 question and 1 complex sentence. 

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