Tuesday, 10 March 2015

News Paper Tower Chalenge

WALT: write a detailed introduction with hook and orientation. 

Have you ever built a tower out of newspaper in your class or at home? In our literacy class we sat down and Mr Goodwin our teacher told us to put netbooks on a table, so we could make them. He was a bit crazy because I think he drank to much coffee in the morning.

This is how it went down. Our teacher told us to be in groups of 5. In my group was Vinolia, Rima, Sulieti, Kura including me. Each group gets a long piece of masking tape, lots of papers and scissors given to our groups. Mr Goodwin put on the timer. We had 8 minutes

We built the tower by rolling the paper and putting it together but it didn't work, we tried making a base but it didn’t work. The other groups had theirs up we were the only one still putting it up. Mr Goodwin said “ 8 minutes over”. We all stopped building our towers.

Our teacher Mr Goodwin had to judge our towers. My group wasn't checked because our one was ruined. He measured to groups, he got a measuring ruler and one team won it.

Our task was to write a recount about News paper towers.

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