Thursday, 20 October 2016

State of Matter: Remake of what does Physical form mean?

Walt: Synthesise information from multiple sources

This week is week 2 and my teacher Miss Clark and my literacy group Dr Seuss's have been learning about Solids, Liquids and Gases. This is what we are learning about for out topic which is called Ch, ch, ch, ch, Changes. Our learning intention is to synthesise information from multiple sources. Our following activity was a discussion document and a padlet we had to work on. First we had to get in as a group so we can discuss what matter is and what it is made of. 

The first activity we had to do was to make a copy of discussion doc and write stuff about the state of matter. We then had to work on this doc with a partner or in 3 and we had to give three examples of each state of matter. When that was finish we had to make a padlet and answer the following question. Remake of what does Physical form mean? We then answer the question and we had to post it to our blog.     


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