Friday, 21 October 2016

Immersion Assembly

Pt England School has kicked off Term 4 with an Immersion Assembly. Every start of the term, Pt England School holds an Immersion Assembly in their school hall to start off their term and also their inquiry topic. The topic for this term is ch-ch- ch- ch - Changes! The school consists of five teams, each team teaches different year levels. The teachers at Pt England also act and perform performances or make movies during the school holidays so that they can introduce it in the immersion assembly. Pt England School’s principal is Mr Burt and the associate principal, Mrs Nua. The two of them were standing positioned at the front of the school hall. Cooking corn fritters, they had a small cooking station. The two of them were serving out corn fritters, while they were watching each of the items from the five teams that were to follow.

Team 1’s item was about matter and physical changes. The teachers were dressed as witches. After that they had made a birthday cake out of cardboard. Many, many students were cheering and also the other teachers who also helped with their performance.

Team 2 teachers had made a movie. Throughout the term they are focusing on buoyancy. Their movie contains objects that sink or float. Teachers from team 2 have thrown objects in a pool to see if it sinks or floats. First object was a can of food in it. Obviously it sunk because food can be heavy. The second object was a tennis ball. When they threw it in their the tennis ball floated as if it is really light. Last but not least was one of the teacher's son. Her name is Miss Eadie. Miss Eadie grabbed her son and threw him into the swimming pool. Miss Eadie’s son floated.

Next up is the teachers from team 3. They have been looking at scientific experiments and dissolving substance in water which is a chemical reaction. One of the teachers from team 3 which is Mr Moran, who was doing a fizzing vinegar experiment. The other teacher Miss Scanlan who was also doing a experiment using milk, dishwashing liquid, food colouring. They were also acting as russian scientists like the crazy russian hacker.

Second to last is team 4 and they have made a movie about mythbusters and on various scientific experiments. In their movie they have been making up their own mythbusters. A teacher named Mr Goodwin who is part of team 4 was giving an example to him in the movie that when he drinks coffee every morning he sleeps during his learning time with his students. Another teacher named Mr Somerville was also giving an example to him is when he looks at his laptop too much his eyes turn into squares.

Last of all is the awesome teachers from team 5. Who did a live performance - Solids, Liquids and Gases and also states of matter. Teachers from team 5 were entertaining the audience and that they were in character. They were also testing on one another. On the stage there was a man name Mr Fuzzy Wuzzy Vottom (is a team 5 teacher) and his assistant/slave which is one of the team 5 teachers.

Mr Fuzzy Wuzzy Vottom was doing three experiment to threer teachers named Mrs Tele’a, Miss Berry and Miss Clark. The slave had got a water balloon to do it on Mrs Tele’a. The slave then counted 1, 2, 3 and above her head Mrs Ilaoa the slave had popped the water balloon and SPLASH!!! All of the water was on Mrs Tele’a’s head and she was so excited that they did another one on her. Next was Miss Berry. She didn’t wanted to get wet but she had to do it for the audience. The experiment is a Liquid into gas Pepsi experiment. It was now Miss Berry’s turn to get wet. Mrs Ilaoa finally opened the pepsi and it sprayed all over Miss Berry’s face, but luckily she was wearing big fat goggles. Now the last one was Miss Clark. She had to put ice through her back and the whole school had to see if she will giggle. Miss Ilaoa then did another round of ice through her back.

That was now the end of the immersion assembly.     

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