Monday, 8 August 2016

Olympic Games

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776 BC was the starting of the ancient Olympics. 776 BC was before Christ which meant the Olympics started when Christ wasn't born that time. Olympics started at Greece at a place called Olympia, where different kinds of sports started. Way back in Greece all men were competing in the Games but women were not allowed to watch or to compete in the ancient Olympics.

Olympia was a beautiful place and rich. It had olive trees around. The games were named after Mount Olympus. Even though it was named after it, the games were not held there way back.  

The first Olympics was just a 200m run and that time men were running without clothes but in the other sports they wore cloths. There were no teams like what we have now. But there was only one winner and he was given a wreath with olive leaves around which was the prize. Originally, the ancient games were a part of a religious festival to honour Zeus
(Leader of the Greek Gods).

Other events were held which which was horse racing, chariot racing, boxing wrestling and other kinds of ancient sports. Back in the days married women were not allowed to compete and attend or even watch. But there was a separate women's festival that was called Heraia and was honoured and dedicated to Hera. Wife of Zeus.

From now on every sport and games are all changed. It is held at Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. Neally every single country is competing and participated in the Olympics. Even they are all other people who haven’t played.   


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