Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Cross Country Recount

Walt: write a recount to show audiences what we have been doing

I woke up feeling a combination of emotions. My emotions were happy but at the same time I was pretty nervous. I’ve just remembered that it was that time of the day. It is the day of Cross Country. I happily walk my way to the kitchen and ate some healthy breakfast. My breakfast was a bowl of weetbix and milk with fresh organic strawberries. I had to eat a healthy breakfast because it is run and that I have to something healthy so I can be energise. Both of my siblings walked in and were wondering why I am so excited. “What’s up with you” said my younger sister. “It’s Cross Country today, remember” I replied.

As I walked to school with my siblings I see many teachers dressed in their house colours. In Pt England School whenever we do school events. We dress in our school colours. The school colours are Red (Te Aurere), Green (Hokulea), Yellow (Hikianalia), Blue (Hine Moana). All those colours are named after the Wakas from the Polynesian Navigators.

As Mr Burt (our principle) called out the Y7 Girls. I was shaking and had butterflies in my stomach. We were standing in the starting line and my friend beside started to shake as well. We were both panicky and worried that we might trip over something when we run. “GO” Mr Burt shouted. I ran as fast as I can and saw my friend beside me running with me. “We can do this” said my friend. We ran past lots of teachers cheering for us and we were really proud of ourselves. As matter of fact I am a year 7 and my friend and I have to do 2 laps. We both ran past big trees, massive bushes. We also ran past horses. There is like a little farm near our school.

Without help my friend and I were near to the finish line and we saw many teachers in their house colours cheering for us as we run to the end of the run. “We did it” I said with relief. My friend and I have finished the race and as I walked to the table where it has cups of waters for us to drink after we finish the race. But we didn’t have a drink because all of the cups were used. I finally had oxygen to breathe with because I was so tired of running. I thought I was going to have a heart attack, also my legs were killing while running!!!!!

Cross Country finished. I was so happy that I had competed in this special event. I went back home with relief and told my parents. They said they were really proud of me and my siblings. As I was sleeping I felt like I wanted to do another run.

I have been writing about Cross Country. In Pt England School we have a school event every year and we write about. I have been writing about how I fell about it and how I ran in the cross country.

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