Friday, 8 July 2016

Winter Learning Journey

WALT: Blog more often in the holidays

Yesterday a lady came to talk to Team 5 about blogging in the Winter holidays. It is called the Winter Learning Journey. The first thing I did was to register to the Winter Learning Journey site. You read the activities that is linked in the site and blog about it. If you blog the activities you receive points from the spectacular lady.


  1. Hi Loseli,

    I loved reading your post about the Winter Learning Journey. I am so glad that you have registered for the programme and I really hope that you will join us online this holiday!

    (I also wanted to thank you for calling me the 'spectacular lady.' That made me feel so nice and very special!)

    Have a wonderful holiday :)

  2. Hi Rachel, sorry for the late feedback. I really hope that the prize is big and i also won a special prize which was a phone for home blogging. Happy holidays.

    Cheers, Loseli

  3. Hi Loseli,

    Congratulations on winning the phone for home blogging. That's amazing!! I hope that you will continue to blog this holiday as part of the Winter Learning Journey. I'll check back on Thursday to see if you've had time to post anything new :)

    Cheers, Rachel