Friday, 29 July 2016

Immersion Assembly

WALT: give detail in every writing and to make it enthusiastic

It was Monday 25th of July 2016. Children from Pt England School are back from their 2 weeks holidays. That day was Immersion Assembly. Our school has immersion assemblies every start of a term. As I entered the team 5 “street” I can see all of my teachers dressed in different kinds of costumes. Our team leader Mrs Tele’a was dressed in a lady suit and the hoster for the Olympics Games. The other teachers were also dressed, but they were dressed in types of clothes that a competitor would wear and use for the olympics. I can’t wait to see the team performances!

We finally entered the school hall and as we entered the hall the song “We are the champions” by queen was blaring out while we were entering the hall. Also when that song was playing I then thought to myself I think the theme for this term is “We are the champions” and I was right.  

The first team to perform was Team 1. They are looking at how to keep fit , also in terms of the way they eat, and their health. Team 2 was the next item up. They were talking about geography and studies of countries. During the holidays, team 2 teachers were making a movie about flying from GI (Glen Innes) to Rio De Janeiro.

Next item was team 3. Team 3 made a movie about Family Feud. Teachers from team 3 were talking about what sport New Zealand olympians compete in the Olympic Games. Team 4 was talking about how olympians travel to Rio De Janeiro and getting the Zika Virus. A lot of olympians has the virus so they drop out of the Games.

Now and finally is Team 5. In fact team 5 teachers were the only one performing live in the stage. Accept for the other teams. Our teachers were so funny that I couldn't handle my laugh. I agree that they should keep on performing live but make it more hilarious.

My favourite part of the immersion assembly was teacher from different teams participating in the entertaining items. I hope they can make it more fun and sporty.


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