Friday, 26 June 2015

SUPER MARIO HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WALT: write effective paragraphs 

Super Mario World is a game made by the Nintendo and Gameboy. Super Mario World is a sidescroller game that everyone likes to play but some people don’t like to play. This game is available on a computer, chromebook and a laptop.

The aim of the Super Mario World is to past all of the levels. In this sidescroller game there's aims for this game. Collecting the stars to get higher points, and to dodge when the bad mushrooms come near Mario. When you touch the good mushrooms you get bigger.

Mario is a little character who is Italian and has a letter M that's coloured white on his hat. He has a mustache on and Mario wears over rolls especially brown boots and special shiny white gloves. Mario jumps and move around to get away from the evil mushrooms that’s attacking him. In Mario’s fantastic game Mario has special abilities to make him move and jump to collect marvellous stars.      
Controllers for Mario is easy to do. But the person who's playing the game is controlling him. The controllers for Mario to move and to jump is, using the arrow keys and to jump is J or the arrow key that's facing up whatever you prefer. How to kill the evil selfish ugly and unpleasant enemies is to jump on them so they disappear and never seen again.    

My thoughts of this game is that it’s quite addicting to me and that I like it even though I lose lots times but it's still interesting to me. In Super Mario World I would recommend it a like. I recommended like because it is fun to play and that you past levels fast to get the shiny stars.

My class and I were writing effective paragraphs. We were writing paragraph by paragraph in silence. Super Mario was published by the Nintendo Company.


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