Tuesday, 30 June 2015

My Cabability Powers

Walt: write effective paragraphs using juicy and exciting words

If I had powers that I can imagine I would be Travelling backwards all day and saving the world. So I would be a traveller so that I can go to different countries. If I was a traveller I could go back to the olden days or other days, but in several times.

If I use my capability for something, for example  If I was in my class and I try to get extra points. The whole class then had more points than me so if I travel back I will get more points then my incredible class. If my electric powers would start to travel back, it will change to different clothes. The powers will feel like it has electric shots and sizzling in my electronic body.

                                              Marked By: Patricia
My powers will be saving the world so I could travel back in time if their was a big explosion going on I will save the people who's getting in fire and some red hot houses. I could use my powers by saving people. Travelling back in time, and also going back to the olden days to see where my parents use to live. I will like to have friends coming along with me.

To me I think having these qualification powers would be awesome. It would be my favourite thing to do everyday. It is also a bit bad because it has electronic things going on.

In writing for the past days we have been learning how write an effective paragraphs in just 5-13 minutes. today we sat in silent like did last time we sat any where but not to far then started writing our conclusion. after that we re edited our work, after that we got into partners and re craft each others work. In these writing we had to use juicy words that wanted our reader to read more of our paragraphs so I used thesaurus for more words. I learn how to work in partners but not just that I re craft work by using more incredible words from thesaurus in just a little while. next term we would be able to write in pears in silence.

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