Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Life Education Caravan

Have you been on the Life Education Caravan before? Every year my class and I went to the Life education caravan to learn about ways to make our bodies strong,healthy and safe. Last week on Tuesday class 9 walked to the Life Education Caravan for our session. Lynn was our teacher and she talked to us about how we can help our bodies grow.

We learned five things about our bodies to grow.One of them is drinking water because you must drink at least 5 glasses or 6.Sleeping for eight hours or more every night helps our bodies to grow. Fitness is really good for you because it makes you fit and healthy.You have to eat 5 or more vegetables a day.Oxygen can make you breath air so you can smell the fresh air.

I really enjoyed the Life Education Caravan last week it was fun and exciting.

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