Thursday, 24 July 2014

My fun and exciting Holiday Writing

Did you have a fun and exciting Holiday?Well I did.On the last week of term on Friday the 4th of July Point England School had 2 weeks day off. I was so excited because it was my birthday on July the 19th.

One the first week of the holidays my cousin Simaima came over for the holidays. I was too excited to see her. She is 14 years old and she came with her guitar and her phone.She wondered if she can come and play on the guitar so we can hear her singing while she is jamming.

On the second week of the Holidays“My cousin and I stayed home while my family went to my brothers friends birthday. While we were waiting me and Simaima played blind fold.It was boring at my house because I have to listen to her because I have to do what my cousin says. When they came back I was in the computer going on games and YouTube.

My favourite part of the holidays is when my cousin Simaima came over to sleep over.I felt happy because it was the last week of the holidays.

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