Monday, 30 June 2014

My beautiful sister Amelia

Do you have a sister that is very special to you?My sister is very special to me.Her name is Amelia she is 7 years old.And she goes to Pt England School like me.I picked her not because she is my sister but because I love her 100%.We play outside when it is sunny and we watch DVD’s too.She is delightful and respectful to people.When she was born I used to carry her.My sisters favourite food is chop sui.My sister is smart at reading and writing,and I think she is very adorable and gorgeous when she goes to church.Amelia is as sweet as a flower.  Amelia’s favourite movie is a little mermaid.Her favourite song is timber.Amelia just likes to do anything as long as she is happy Like the song,HAPPY!!!


  1. I really loved reading about your sister, Loseli. You have described her so well and it was very thoughtful of you. I liked reading about what you like to do together. As much as you are lucky to have her, I think she's really lucky to have a big sister who is as great as you!

  2. thank you seli your the best by amelia