Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Today I am going to write three paragraphs about badminton.First of all we did a warm up before we start.Our first warm up was octopus,we have to get 2 taggers and everybody else has to stay in a line and when they call out a letter of a name they have to run at the end of the line so they can win.Yesterday we went to badminton at 9.40am I didn't know how to play badminton so I copy Danny the Instructor.

We played spoon and egg challenge,we each got in teams and we raced each other at the wall.It is because its a sport to make us fit and exursice.Next we played Around the World.We have to run around and tagers have to get us and we have to be in.

What I’ve learned is about to be sensible at the equipment that we were using.I didn't know how to play it but my friend showed me how to do it. I like badminton
it is cool.I had soo much fun at badminton,that sport was the best of all.

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