Friday, 9 June 2017

My Speech

WALT - capture our audiences attention (Speech Intro)

Fidget spinners has been affecting the lives of children in schools. Kids from elementary and middle school have been dieing to buy one. Students are distracted from the fidget spinners, that’s why they have been getting lower grades and levels on their education. Teachers are not sure or have decided to ban fidget spinners in their classrooms or school.

Students in school have been bringing them to play in their classrooms and have not finished a single thing from their work on their netbooks or on paper and pencil. Some kids even hide it under their desks so their teachers won’t see them playing with it. In my opinion I agree that fidget spinners should be ban from schools. So that they can get back on track with their work.

In order to guarantee that we save students from these kind of toys and let them not be distracted. So my question to you is “should teachers ban fidget spinners”.

This is my writing for wk 6. Our learning intention is to capture our audiences attention. We had to make up our own speech and when we have edited it and we are happy with it. We post it on our blogs.

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