Monday, 1 May 2017

First Blog post for Term 2 2017: Holiday Highlights

During the holidays I have been doing a lot of interesting things and also cleaning up my house when my parents go work. Helping my mum with the washing and also watching movies on my sisters Chromebook.

My first overall favourite highlight I did in the Holidays was watching movies with my sister overnight and making my own breakfast and drinking my hot beverage Milo. The breakfast I made during the holidays was scrambled eggs, with toast and also top it off with melted cheese on my scrambles eggs YUMMY!!

My second overall favourite highlight I did in the holidays was to pick up my grandma from the airport who just came from Australia. Myself and my mum went to the airport and stayed there for about four hours. Her flight was delayed three times and we just had a little break and head to the Mc Donald's station and buy something for us to eat. 

After waiting 4-5 hours my grandma finally arrived from the plane. I was so excited to meet her and excited for her to meet me again. My mum was happy with joy to see my grandma. We then left the airport and go do some shopping. 

I also went to my Great-Grandma's funeral. It was a sad moment for my family and my other extended family. My mum was one of the grandchildren of her grandma. So my mum and her cousins went to the funeral home and dressed up my great-grandma. My mum's family and all other extended family gathered together as a family a had a prayer service and our final goodbyes and kisses to her.

Two weeks of school holidays have been really relaxing and I hope the next two weeks of holidays will be very very exciting.


  1. Kia ora Loseli, thanks for sharing your holiday highlights. Now we are back at school, I look forward to checking out your learning in Term 2!

  2. Hi Loseli,
    It's great to see that you've had an enjoyable holiday apart from the funeral.
    Darius and I went to watch Guardians of the Galaxy at Sylvia Park Hoyts cinemas. I thought it was pretty cool. Did your grandma bring any treats from Australia? I like the Coles cookies, they are delicious. Keep up the great writing.

    Love from Miss Lavakula