Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Writing Explanation - My Idea for a fun Weekend

WALT - plan for a piece of explanation writing
Success Criteria:
    - Fill out the Explanation Plan
                - Use the Title My Idea of a Fun Weekend                - Include an Introduction
                - Write 3 paragraphs with different Information to explain your
                   Fun Weekend
                - Write a Conclusion

My Idea of a Fun Weekend
Today I am going to explain to you 3 main  ideas of having a fun weekend.

1st element
The first idea out of my 3 ideas i have is making diy crafts with your siblings or your friends. The reason why I have picked this is because it is a fun thing to do in the week and you can be creative by drawing, painting and designing your artwork.

2nd element
Next is an idea i have come up with is going to the swimming pools with your family. I know some people might have write something like this but I am just writing this because most people love to go swimming in the weekends. You can spend time practising swimming lessons and also playing in the water.

3rd element

My last idea of a fun weekend is to make or cook something in your kitchen. Making something is the weekends is a cool thing because make anything you want. You can make cookies, pizza, cakes, cupcakes all sorts of yummy treats you love.  

This is now the end of my ideas for  a fun weekend. I hope you use these ideas for weekend and I hope your weekend will work out great!!
The most enjoyable and best idea for a fun weekend must be making cookies or whatever treats you want eat.

This is my explanation writing. We had to explain ideas of having a fun weekend. Our literacy class had to explained the title, introduction, info element 1, info element 2, info element 3. After we have finished we had to post it to our blog.  

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  1. Hi Loseli
    I loved reading your explanation writing. If I had to choose 1 idea I would choose going to the pool. What would you choose?