Friday, 18 November 2016

Letter of Support

WALT: Compose a letter using vocabulary to add effect. 

Dear Peter and Jules (Waiau Family)

I am genuinely sorry for what you have been through. I desperately hope you are alright and safe with your family. I am also sorry for your granddaughters past and also her young brother.   

I am extremely sorry for your house being destroyed by the devastating earthquake that has been hit in North Canterbury. I understand that Sophia is buried inside the same plot with her little brother.

Many memories of your granddaughter will always be in your heart. It is good that you are shifting Sophia’s memorial stone and cross. To your new home. I hope you are safe and that you don’t have injuries, also your family.

I am a student from Pt England School, up north in Auckland. My name is Loseli and I am writing this letter to you for support of your family and your community.

Sincerely, Loseli

This is a letter of support to the people who have been hit in Kaikorua Wellington and other places that the earthquake has hit. This letter has been written to the Waiau family. Their house has been destroyed by the terrifying earthquake. I really hope they are okay and that God will be with them. God Bless Waiau Family.

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