Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Y7 3 day event reflection Term 1: Fun Week

Last term the Y8's went on camp and the Y7's stayed and had a fun time with our beautiful teachers Ms Muliamasealii and Miss Clark. We planned to make flower lei's for the last day when the Y8's come back to school and the teachers who went with them. I missed the Y8's soo much that I was sad the whole day but still had a fun week. For our hard work, on the last day our cookers which were students and Miss Clark were making pasta mince and cheese pie. We had to tidy up and clean for our teachers who came back from the camp to make them not clean so that they can have a rest. The pasta pie was so yummy that me and my other friend had 4 plates because it was so delicious. With our lunch we had soda and pears also napkins. The Y7's watched a movie called Boys2Men. Ms Muliamasealii was a director and the character of the movie which was about a boy named Malaga who ran away from home and lived in the streets. He met a boy named Johno who also lived in the streets to. As that movie goes on it was pretty creative because Ms M was workin in a school called James Cook High School. Boys2Men filmed in 2005. I hope we had a day like this when the Y8's go. 

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