Friday, 24 April 2015

My Immersion Assembly Recount

Walt: use different types of sentences to improve writing

Has your teacher ever fed you healthy food during assembly? They gave out healthy food like cream picalets, little pancakes, sandwiches, carrots and celery such as sandwiches with different fillings in it. But the cream piculets and little pancakes were from Mr Burt, Mrs Nua and Mrs Garden. The topic for this term is called Tinkering tools and toys.

Classes seven, six and 8 were lining up in their lines to go to assembly. When we got to the hall we sat down. We saw a weird flying drone helicopter flying in a spot and controlled by a touch phone isn’t that cool?  The assembly started so Mr burt gave the microphone to Ana so we can say the karakia. After that Mr Burt was talking about the korero.

Finally Mr Burt was finished so Team One did there item. Miss George came up and talked about healthy food, healthy playground and that there will not be a dental clinic anymore. Team One showed us a long video about sandwiches that's large and small, fruits thats doing facials and funny stuff. After that Team One was finished so it was team 2.

Team 2’s item was a bit boring but there were teachers dressed as Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore. Miss Berry was Eeyore and Eeyore was sad that he can’t do his own house. So his friends Piglet, Tigger, Winnie the Pooh helped Eeyore build his house. And Christopher Robin (Mr Barks) came and helped too. As soon as Eeyore’s house was finished Team 2’s item was finished.

Team 3’s one is when Miss King came up and talked about rainy days and that they have nothing to do when its rainy day. So Team 3 showed us a bit long video when its raining and then they activities and other games. Team 3’s item was finished so it was team 4 (my team). Team 4 showed us another video about what to do when its a rainy day. So another video came up and it was my teacher Mr Somerville, pretending to be in a video game and defeating enemies.

That was finished so it was team 5. Finally team 5 was finished and then Mr Barks came and talked about a hovercraft. He built it and he asked Mr Somerville to come and be and have a try on it because it can float in the ground. I felt excited to go and see it but some were a bit boring. Team 5 was the best item i’ve seen because they were dressed up as armies. I hope you Enjoy My Writing.

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