Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Going To The Pakuranga Leisure Pools

Have you been to the Pakuranga Swimming Pools? In the holidays I went to the Pakuranga Leisure Pools with my family,my cousin and my brother’s friend. My dad decided that we can go to the swimming pools because everybody in my house was very hot. So we changed and packed up our t-shirts and pants so as our underwear.

When we got to the pools I felt like I was in a desert. I was soo excited to go inside, but first we had to pay to go. We got inside the pool  and I was cooling down. My family and I stayed there for two hours because it was still hot. I told my sister to do a handstand underwater but she can’t so i did it and my nose was full of water so i quickly went back up.

Me and my family was having fun in the swimming pools but I was still hot so we had to go out and find a family changing room for us. My little brother was moaning to stay, but there was a changing room open so we quickly ran their.

I had soo much fun at the swimming pools. I was mad because it was very hot. My family and I felt happy going to the Pakuranga Swimming Pools.  

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