Thursday, 27 November 2014

Auckland Art Gallery Trip

Have you been to the Auckland Art Gallery before? Last Week at Friday class 9, class 10 and some of the year 5’s in Mrs Jacobson's class went to the Auckland Art Gallery. We went to the Art Gallery by bus and when we were nearly there I saw big buildings and other ones.  

The bus was at the art gallery so we have to wait then we entered. There was
a lady and other ones that introduced us. Her name was Mandy. When we entered we had to break up in groups. I was in Miss Lavakula’s group and other parent helpers.

My group was the first one to go in. The first room we had to go to was the studio. When I went in I saw water paint, pencils, markers and colours. After that we had to sit down in a chair because we are going to tell a story using pictures. We had to draw a picture that we went to in the weekends. So I drew a wedding dress and then Mandy came around and guessed my drawing she said I went to the wedding.

After that we went out of the studio then we had morning tea. When we finished our morning tea my group went up stairs to the lego. I sat down and made a wall. It was soo cool that  I wondered who did the heart one and the names. It was 12.30 so we went and had our lunch outside. I had shared lunch with my friends. Lunch was finished so we moved onto our next activity.

I felt happy that we went to the Auckland Art gallery because it was my second time there. I had the most happiest day in my life.

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