Thursday, 30 October 2014

How to be a Successful Point England Student

Do you know how to be a successful Point Englander student? I am going to explain to you why and how to be a successful Point England student. Being a successful student is important to people. It is good to use it wherever you are.

Trying your best- Trying your best means when there is something you can’t handle or can’t do you just have to try your best. For example if the teacher says go and work on your maths and the person thinks they can’t do it he thinks again that he could try his best. Trying your best also means giving 100 percent in everything you do and not giving up.

Using your manners- At school people always use their manners when they are with the teacher or some where else. For example if someone needs a rubber they can just ask like this, May I please use your rubber for a minute.   

Ignoring- Ignore means when somebody says something mean to you, you just ignore it or talk about it. For example if you walk past someone and they swear to you just ignore or tell the teacher on duty. It is important to ignore because if you don’t it will might start a fight.

Conclusion: Strive to succeed

Our school has a song called strive to succeed and I will write it but a little bit. The world is waiting for us to show the seed thats in our soul success is growing deep within our faith has made us bold. That song was written by Mr Jacobson but he is a tall man.

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  1. Loseli, remember to explain why your ideas are important and how they relate to being a successful Point England student.