Monday, 22 September 2014

Cross Country 2014

Here is my paragraph that I wrote about cross country 2014.

Last Thursday we had cross country in our school.It was outside the court and the field.It was the 11 of September 2014.It was a beautiful day because the sun came out. At Cross Country there were lots of people there.My dad came to watch me and my sister running at the cross country.There were house names and their colours.I am in Mataatua house and we are green.Mr Burt was the starter of the day

When Mr Burt called out the year five girls I was excited and nervous at the same time.When I run, I know my dad is going to be proud of me. He reminded us to run around the cones. There were teachers on our way. When Mr Burt said ‘’ON YOUR MARKS SET GO’’! all of us ran.My dad and my sister were standing on the grass cheering for me. ‘’GO LOSELI’’! my sister yelled.I felt proud and strong to run as fast as I can.When I heard my dad’s voice it made me run faster

Along the way I was feeling very tired.I thought to myself I needed some water to drink.My dad gave me a bottle of water.I drank half of the water then I kept running to the end of the finished line.There were many people in front of me.My goal for cross country is to run without stopping.I was happy to finish the race.

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  1. Great recount Loseli. I love how you've used speech marks and your ideas are in paragraphs.