Wednesday, 7 May 2014

My family Holidays

In the holidays I went to the Glen Innes Pake’nSave with my  family. Inside, I was playing with my little sister and brother.Their names are Amelia and Mapuatonga,because we were bored walking around. We bought ingredients to make trifle because on Sunday at church we are going to have a feast. It was white Sunday. When it was Sunday and church finished we went downstairs to have a feast. This man started to do the prayer before we ate. When it was finished the kid have to go and get change.I ate chicken and chips,ice block and mini fizzy drinks.

After that we went to the airport to see my aunty her name is kolotini. She came from Tonga to New Zealand. My mum’s family came to see my anuty too. They were my uncles aunties and cousins. I had soo much fun there. My mum went to say hi to my aunty because its her cousin. My dad went to see his friend  because he came from Christchurch his name is Hau. My other uncle came and his name is Afi. Thats my dad’s brother.He came with his family to visit

My favourite part is when we went to see my aunty and my dad’s friend. My other favourite part is when we went downstairs at church to have a feast.I felt very happy that time. I had soo much fun in the holidayskaitaia-pak-n-save-large.jpg (608×405)    

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