Wednesday, 19 March 2014


It was an exciting morning because camp started.It was only for the year fives and sixs but not all year fives and sixs didn’t came to camp.And I was excited to be at camp.

Guess What activity is my favourite?It is cooking with Mrs Jarman.On Wednesday at lunch time we went inside the tuck shop because we are cooking.When we went inside we smelled yummy cookies.Mrs Jarman said that we are making chocolate chip cookies.She gives us a paper with the recipes for the chocolate chip cookies.I was so excited to do camp cooking.Me and my Partner Aliyah were working as teamwork.

On Thursday last night we had our camp concert.We had lots of parents and there were judges and some of the kids.The first team to perform was my team the Carebears.I was nervous to dance so I went behind a person but I was tall then her.I was happy that I dance in front of my parents.It was the best camp ever.

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